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    • Real Talk
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      If your feeling hurt , sad , lonely or whatever feelings you have or your holding in your more than likely welcome to speak with my group here I've created.
    • Gaming
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      A group for people looking to discuss, share and simply recount their gaming experiences, and maybe even find someone who's willing to join them on their gaming escapades!
    • Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror Writers and Fans
      Public . 3 members
      A group for writers and fans of sci-fi, fantasy & horror fiction. Post anything you like, including promoting your own books, as long as it's on topic! ;)
    • MyCtalk Property
      Public . 7 members
      MyCtalk Property is a cost-effective property marketing portal for South African estate agents and private property owners. For all the latest property listings, visit our
    • Art Journaling: Wreck this Journal and Bullet Journals
      Public . 3 members
      Keri Smithis anauthor,illustrator,guerrilla artist, and maintainer of theblog"The Wish Jar".[1][2]Smith's writing is usually on the topic ofcreativity. Her books include bestsellers such asWreck...
    • Historic Patterns: Knitting 19th century
      Public . 4 members
      Please be aware that these historical patterns, although they often are available on the web for free thanks to the wonderful concept that is public domain, probably aren't for the beginning or...
    • Art: The 1920s
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    • Art: The Edwardians
      Public . 2 members
    • Art:The Victorians
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    • Art: The Georgians
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